David married Jenna Magnuson on October 7th 2000.

The song Tulsa Riot written by David and John Eddy is receiving airplay in Oklahoma in connection with the 80th anniversary of the event. Local FM stations KZSC, KKUP and KAZU have copies of it as well. The mp3 file is linked to David's home page. Let us know what you think of it!

Airplay for David's CD Mad at the Moon continues to amaze, not just in the U.S., but in such improbable places as Brazil, Portugal, Italy and Slovenia. Go figure.

David will tape the Musicians' Weekly show for Community Television of Santa Cruz on May 30th.

Downloads of David's songs from Mad at the Moon are available at Listen.com, CDNow.com, mp3.com
and LiquidMusicNetwork.com. CDs can still be purchased at Amazon and FolkWeb. Follow the links on
David's home page.

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Great job men!